Select "Skrill 1-Tap" from the deposit method options.
Insert deposit amount and tap deposit.
Select "Skrill 1-Tap" from the deposit method options.

If you’ve noticed mobile casinos offering Skrill 1-Tap as a banking option, and are wondering what makes it different from typical Skrill payments, or why you should choose it in favour of more popular banking methods such as Paypal, credit cards, and debit cards, VIP Club Casino is on hand with the answers.


When you’ve signed up with an online casino in the past while using a mobile device like a smartphone or tablet, you’ll remember how awkward it is trying to enter credit/debit card information or log in to your Paypal account to authorise a payment without getting at least one digit or character wrong, and having to start all over again. The joy of Skrill 1-Tap is that it’s a one-step process that’s nigh on impossible to mess up.


As there’s no need to enter any username, email address or password when using the system, you can add funds to your casino account in mere seconds. Standard Skrill transactions re-direct you to Skrill’s website (in a similar way to Paypal) where you must first log in and authorise the payment, but with 1-Tap, you never have to leave the cashier. So, all of the minutes and seconds you save can be spent playing more of the games you love most, and hopefully scoring more winnings as a result.


When you make deposits at mobile casinos using the Skrill 1-Tap payment method, the entire transaction is performed over a secure server that uses state-of-the-art encryption technology to keep both your identity and account information private.

How Skrill 1-Tap works

The first time you make a deposit to a mobile casino like VIP Club Casino, you will be required to enter your payment details as usual, but will also be asked if you wish to enable 1-Tap for future deposits. Thus every subsequent time you return to play your favourite games, all you will need to do is tap your mobile device’s screen once, and your pre-approved Skrill 1-Tap payment will be authorised. You can also use this banking option when you’re playing at casinos on a desktop, although tapping your monitor to make a payment will only cause unsightly smudges (unless it’s a touch-screen one), so, you’re best off clicking your computer mouse instead.

Why not discover just how simple and convenient Skrill 1-Tap truly is by using it to make your next mobile deposit here at VIP Club Casino?